Thursday, 4 October 2007

What's up Skippy?

This Summer, expect a visit from our most treasured national icon ‘Skippy’…

When cult Brit/Oz label ANT!PODiUM asked their friends at international design collective Rinzen to put a size zero spin on the herbivorous marsupial ‘Skippy’ for a London Fashion Week tote they couldn't waif for the results. Nor it seems could British fashion's big wigs. More than 800 were snapped up within hours…

Not wanting to deny their Australian fans, the enterprising trio behind the ANT!PODiUM label have released limited editions of their unisex Bit on the Side tank (RRP $79), Stretch Your Inclination tee (RRP $89) and Size Matters tote (RRP $149, pictured above) emblazoned with the darkly svelte character affectionately termed ‘Dead Skippy’.

Available at Fat, Alice Euphemia, Alfies Friend Rolfe and

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