Monday, 30 April 2012

Faces at Romance Was Born

Check out just some of the faces we saw at Romance Was Born's show this morning!

'Their show was my favourite last year and it is my most anticipated show this year,' Candice Lake told us.

Susie Bubble

Sophie Lowe

Tim Blanks

Christine Centenera

Lara Bingle

Miranda Otto

Kate Waterhouse

Del Kathryn Barton and Jenny Kee sitting front row

Benja Harney: Daily Hero!

Tooting traffic, honking horns and a cacophony of clangs heralded the start of today’s Romance Was Born show. And then BOOM! an enormous white wall sprung open to reveal a three-dimensional installation designed by paper artist Benja Harney!

‘It was the first time I’ve ever done a pop-up set like this,’ Benja told us, ‘I’ve wanted to do a large scale pop-up for a long time and a lot of people have proposed it to me. Anna and Luke approached me about six months ago and I knew that if I said yes to them it would turn out amazing.’

The incredible installation was an amalgamation of different bits and pieces from the prints in the show. ‘I had complete freedom to do what I wanted, there was really no “brief” at all.’

Benja told us he designed the set out of paper in miniature in just four days! What a hero!

To see more of Benja's work, head over to his blog Paperform

DAY ONE :: Romance Was Born :: Monday 30th April 9am

Pier 2, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

Romance Was Born and MARVEL presented 'Berserkergang!' their Spring Summer 2012-13 collection in super sonic style this morning to officially open Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2012 with a KAPOW!

Tenaciously opening 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia like the thunderous force of their comic inspirations, Romance Was Born transformed Pier 2 at the Sydney Theatre Company into a super hero playground, complete with a gigantic paper-pop up set straight from the pages of a beloved MARVEL comic book.   Guests Jenny Kee, Miranda Otto, Sophie Lowe and Susie Lau (Style Bubble) were treated to a SLAM! KAPOW! and BOOM! and models were altered into modern day super heroes with sass as their super power.

A band of heroic brothers and sisters, including Doctor Strange - mysterious Master of the Mystic Arts, The Silver Surfer Sky-rider of the Spaceways and wielder of the "Power Cosmic"; The Incredible Hulk the strongest hero there is; and Thor – thunder god of another realm, Asgard!  Will our fearless heroes risk engaging in Berserkergang, a state of unbeatable warrior power to defeat the evil supremacy taking over the world?  Can She-Hulk and The Dazzler join the team in time and help save the mutant sisterhood?  Find out in the latest installment of Romance Was Born’s fashion saga - Spring Summer 2012/2013 Berserkergang!

Inspired by the almighty spectral power of colour, Romance Was Born is drawn to the pop appeal of MARVEL Comics and their iconic Super Heroes.  Attracted to the graphic artistry of MARVEL’s creators, in particular the legendary Jack Kirby.  Who’s unique rendering technique dubbed the term “Kirby dots,” which create that cinematic style of motion where his characters appear to leap, fly and battle across the page.  An interest also sparked in the process of CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Key) printing which is used to produce these classic characters from the MARVEL world.  The CMYK printing technique of halftoning and the pattern like dot work of applying colour is responsible for that instantly recognisable comic book style.

"Working with MARVEL has been a dream", says one half of Romance Was Born, Anna Plunkett.  "Having access to such incredible graphic archives has been so exciting.  The MARVEL group has been really supportive in helping us reach our creative vision. It's been a terrific process seeing the collection come to life, and a real privilege to work with such an incredible respected and creative company!"

“Marvel is a brand steeped in tradition but is constantly innovating. The continued popularity, heritage and inspiration Marvel represents all over the world is a testament to the appeal of the brand to artists, creators, collaborators and fashion designers such as Romance Was Born. The collaboration is original, truly one-of-a-kind and speaks to the enduring appeal of the characters and stories of Marvel—with a dash of drama and high fashion allowing us to speak to fans of fashion and art in a unique way,”  said Simon Philips, President, Marvel Entertainment International.

Colour has the power to transform. The colour of a Super Hero’s costume is connected to their identity it also imbrues the Super Heroes with their very moral fibre and life’s blood. The Hulk, for example, was originally rendered in shades of grey in his earliest issues; it was only after the addition of his iconic green hue that his true, irrepressible and incredible character burst forth! Berserkergang the collection follows this colourful progression beginning like the Hulk in simple tones of black and white.  Then unleashing the full force of the colossal CMYK spectrum in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black, filtering through to green, purple and red.  The collection finishes with a Kapow, in the shimmering magnificence of gold.  Romance Was Born reference Kirby and half toning with prints covered in graphic motifs - bold zigzags, dots and op art like shading that bend reality like MARVEL’s Silver Surfer bends dimensions.  When applied by Romance Was Born to the body in a series of armour like panels these prints frame and perfect the form, making you feel sleeker, stronger and more super!

Show Credits:

Show Producer - Rachel Tuffery @ Pronto Productions

Creative Director - Mark Vassallo

Stylist - Caterina Scardino @ Company 1

Music Director - Jonny Seymour

Make Up - Natasha Severino @ Comany 1 for MAC

Hair - Alan White @ The Names Agency for GHD

Jewellery and Bags - Bulgari

Shoes - Siren Shoes

Undergarments - Yummie

Nails by Nail Rock for asos

Paper Engineering - Benja Harney

Graphics - Mikey Inglis and Radge

Collection Text - Tess Hewitt

PR & Sponsorship - Little Hero

Supported by sponsors: MARVEL, BVLGARI, ghd, M.A.C, Woolmark, asos, Nail Rock, Siren, yummie, Vittoria Coffee, Santa Vittoria Acqua Minerale, K.W Doggett Fine Paper and Anything Themeing.

Bulgari notes -
Bulgari Serpenti shoulder bag in emerald calf leather. Snake head closure in light gold and enamel finish with malachite eyes
Bulgari High Jewellery Collection Necklace in White Gold with Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds (13.37cts), six round brilliant cut diamonds (4.55cts) and pave diamonds (13.47cts). One of a kind piece with over 30 carats of diamonds.

All photography by Lucas Dawson -

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hair and Make Up at Flannel Spring Summer 2012-13 Presentation

“Neronis” Flannel’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection transports you back in time to the roaring twenties! The collection explores ‘the upbeat peculiar life of a 1920’s circus girl and her time on and off the stage.’

Richard chatted with Makeup Director Nicole Thompson at MAC and Hair Director Jon Pulitano at Headcase Hair to learn how this inspiration translates to a modern look steeped in vintage glamour. 

‘Everything is pretty, girly and powdery,’ Nicole explains. MAC Lip Mixers were blended to create bright pastels for both lips and cheeks – ‘if you have a favourite lip colour, try patting it onto your cheeks with your fingertips for an amazing glow,’ Nicole suggested.

To recreate the 1920’s look, rim the eyes in a coffee coloured pencil and use a soft brush to blend the colour. To keep it looking modern and fresh, add a shimmery highlight. Nicole added MAC Frozen White pigment to lids and the inner corners of the eyes. MAC Invisible Powder was dusted over the face to give the whole look a powderpuff finish.                                                                              
For hair, Jon Pulitano made 1930s curls modern and sleek by slicking them flat with hair gel; ‘not three-dimensional,’ he explained, ‘flat and wet-looking – we wanted it to look like hair was painted on.’ Clean hair was sectioned into three; the front divided into two with a deep, low part and the back pulled into a ponytail.

Redken Hardware 16 gel and a little water were applied to roots and combed through. Jon strategically pulled hair into waves to suit each model’s face shape. Redken Forceful 23 hairspray (which dries with a plasticky gloss) was sprayed all over.

Twist your hair into a chignon and finish with a spritz of Redken Shine Flash 02 and presto! 1920’s glam!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

PRELUDE :: Flannel Spring Summer 2012-13 - Monday 23rd April 2012

Monday April 23rd 2012 at 5.30pm
Bite Club House, Woollahra

Flannel hosted an evening soiree in a beautiful yet rambling 1885 historic house in Woollahra to present their Spring Summer 2012/2013 collection 'Neronis' this week.  Guests were greeted on arrival by an assembly of divinely dressed models lolling around the household, with the party in full swing. (images below)

Elsa Schiaparelli once wrote that the ancient Greeks “gave to their goddesses the serenity of perfection and the fabulous appearance of freedom”. 

Flannel’s Spring Summer 2012/2013 collection Neronis embodies this notion of elegant, feminine ease and simplicity. Inspired by the upbeat peculiar life of a 1920’s circus girl and her time on and off the stage, Neronis is a collection filled with romance, elegance and a sense of adventure.

Luxurious bronze sequined kimono jackets, ostrich feather gowns and emerald silk liquid gowns are luminescent beacons in a sea of butter, crème brulee and vanilla hued laces, linen and silks.  Enchanting pioneering 1920’s separates convey a feeling of inquisitive freedom from sweet chemise and bloomer sets to onesies and flowing lounge pants. 

Highlight pieces include the heavily embroidered bohemian fringed jackets and flapper drop-waist dresses, piped in watermelon velvet and emblazoned with exotic oversized dragon-fruit like flowers.  Tiny ruffled silk shorts that pair back with tuxedo silk shirts are part showgirl, as much as the batwing gowns with plunging backs perfect for a silent film maiden.

Day dresses are just as divine as their evening counterparts – water lilies float across silk-bound weightless cotton gowns, sweetly embroidered tennis dresses, cricket sweaters and billowing summer lace slips.  Prints include a starry-eyed pastel floral and a sweet peach dachshund and butterfly print, cut into among other things, a piped shift dress with tie collar.

As always, Flannel strikes a faultless balance between the free-spirited and the modern, creating an elegant and easy take on romantic dressing.

The evening was a Chic Model Management exclusive, which included a selection of top international and local girls including Nicole Pollard, Louise van De Vorst, Karin Hansson, Rachel Rutt, Montana, Christina Carey, Monique Jensen, Lydia Carron, Gabby and Ollie Henderson.


Stylist - Meg Gray, PR - Little Hero, Producer - Rae Begley, Creative Direction - Kristy Lawrence and Rae Begley, Hair Director - Jon Pulitano at Headcase Hair for Redken, Make Up Director - Nicole Thompson for M.A.C, Shoes - Repetto Paris, Jewellery - Chelsea De Luca, Models - Chic Model Management, Flowers - Seasonal Concepts

Kristy Lawrence from Flannel would like to thank Rae at Little Hero and her team, Meg Gray, Chic Model Management, Ken from Seasonal Concepts, Dan Boud for photography, Maurice O' Kington, Hattie and Debra from Bite Club House for making us feel at home.  Supported by sponsors: Champagne Duval-Leroy, Motif, Amisfield Wine Company, Chic Model Management, Redken, M.A.C, Seasonal Concepts, Repetto Paris and Mud Australia.

For further images or information please contact Rae Begley,, 02 8338 1810 or 0419 890 888.For showroom requests contact Tanya Pont,, 02 8338 1810. 

All photographs by Dan Boud

Monday, 23 April 2012


Jeremy Scott was representing for Little Hero and Adidas Originals this weekend at Coachella, tweeting us this sneaky snap via Nathan Mahon from Garcon Garcon.

Below see some of our favourites clips from some of the amazing line up:

Friday, 20 April 2012

Interview with Kate Sylvester at SS12/13 Press Showing

Kat and Richard sat down with Kate Sylvester this week to discuss her new Spring/Summer 2012/2013 collection, 'All My Heart.'

Jane Eyre is obviously a very important inspiration for this collection. Could you tell us how the Jane Eyre inspiration came to you?

Well, Jane Eyre is one of my favourite books and I have read it over and over. I recently watched the new BBC version of the story, starring Mia Wasikowska and completely loved it. There is this pivotal moment in the book – and, of course, in the film – when Jane discovers that Rochester has a mad wife in the attic; Rochester asks Jane to come away with him to the South of France and live as husband and wife. Jane refuses and ends up destitute, living in the moors. I thought,  ‘if only she had gone off to the South of France!’ So this collection is Jane Eyre’s wardrobe, swanning around in France.

Can you tell us about the woman who will wear these clothes?

I see myself as a Kate Sylvester customer – I design very much for myself and for women like me; my friends and customers that I have got to know very well over the years. Even though I do very conceptual collections (there is always a big story behind the clothes) they are always clothes for living in.

The detachable leather collars in this collection are incredible. Could you give us some tips on how best to wear them?

Wear them with everything! We have done contrast collars on shirts across a number of seasons now and they have been incredibly popular. Some have been embroidered, others have had stud detailing – they reflect my love of shirting. The leather collars this season feature brogue details, which is a recurrent theme throughout the collection. Because they are detachable you can do them with so many pieces.

This collection features a one-piece swimsuit that you have said has a connection to a design from a previous collection. Do you often work across collections or go back into your archives when designing?

Well, it is really important to build on your strengths. One of the exciting things about what we do in fashion design is starting new every six months; but at the same time, boy oh boy, starting with a fresh slate is tough. That’s why it is really important to know that there are those anchors from past collections, things that have worked well, that I know I can build on. And also, for customers, I think that continuity is important. Plus, as I said, I design for myself: I had one of those swimsuits, I loved it, and I needed a new one!

Could you tell us a bit about the beautiful cameo inspired jewellery for this collection?

This season we worked with a New Zealand jewellery label, Mirabelle. We already stock her jewellery in our stores. I spoke with her about the Victorian theme and I knew we had to have something cameo inspired. She made the beautiful earrings and necklaces, including a little booklet. The booklet includes a quote from the novel, ‘All my heart is yours, sir’ which features throughout the collection – on t-shirts and embroidered on the collars of shirts.

Hair and Makeup at Kate Sylvester SS12/13 Press Showing

Hair and makeup this season for Kate Sylvester was ‘all about creating the Jane Eyre character.’ This meant a tousled, relaxed up-do and a fresh, natural face. Kat and Richard spoke to hair and make up artist Julia Green to learn how you can replicate this look at home.

Start by roughly braiding hair from the side of the head, working in a spiral until you reach the crown of the head. The ultimate aim is a certain ‘deliberate messiness.’ For girls with straight hair, start with a spritz of sea salt spray on dry hair to add texture. Secure the braid with bobby pins, and then use the fingers to pull out fly aways. Dry hair shampoo creates a powdery texture. ‘It wasn’t rubbed in,’ explained Julia, creating an intentionally dusty look. To finish, mist the head with medium-hold hairspray – this holds the style and tones down any excess dry shampoo.

In contrast to the dusty texture of the hair, makeup was dewy and fresh. To recreate this look, start by thoroughly moisturising the face. It is also important to use a good slick of lip balm – ‘the light-coloured lip will show up any dryness,’ Julia warned. Next, use a light sheen foundation and follow with a touch of loose powder.  Sculpt and contour the face by applying a darker lowlight under the cheekbones and add a dusty rose powder to the cheeks.

Julia’s tip for a great neutral lip was to mix a pale pink, satin finish lipstick with a concealer that matches your skin tone and apply with a lipstick brush. Eyes were left deliberately bare. Brows, though, were lightly defined with a brown eye pencil. To finish, add a light champagne eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eyes – ‘this gives the whole look an added glow,’ advised Julia.

All My Heart - Kate Sylvester SS12/13

“We shall go to a place I have in the south of France: a white washed villa on the shores of the Mediterranean. There we shall live a happy life. Jane, you understand what I want of you? Just this promise – ‘I will be yours, Mr Rochester.’”
“Mr Rochester, I will not be yours.”

What would have happened if Jane had given in to Mr Rochester? If she had not run away across perilous moors to starve, freeze and be patronised by Mr St Jon Rivers?

For Summer 2012/13, Kate Sylvester presents All My Heart, a collection that explores an alternative version of Charlotte Bronte’s 1847 classic Jane Eyre – one in which Jane accepts Mr Rochester’s proposal to run away to the decadent South of France, where they live a life full of sun, love and happiness.

The collection is a fresh, modern take on Victoriana featuring strict tailoring, shirring and smocking, equestrian hacking jackets, peplums, paisley and fine laces. These couture elements are balanced with the boyfriend pyjamas, slouchy cricket jumpers, corset detailing, lingerie and the effortless billowy silks of decadence. Boucle jackets and argyle knits nod their heads to Coco Chanel and Boy Chapel’s Deauville idyll.

Stand out pieces include a heavy lapis blue cotton lace dress trimmed with a gold-buttoned back and a poppy-red hunting suit. Delicate glossy leather, laser cut with brogue detailing is made up into sweet detachable ribbon-tied collars, shell tops and jackets. A cascading emerald gown features an elegantly simple twist neckline.

The colour palate ensures the collections modernity. Splashes of optimistic poppy, cobalt and emerald are tempered by a fresh, clean background of peach, eau de nil and white.

The prints of the collection walk a line between romance and precision. Wrought iron gates are transformed into lace work, paisley is freshly oversized and a romantic apple blossom digital print is crisply worked into accordion pleats.

Thoughtful and romantic detailing translates the beauty of the Jane Eyre story. Jane’s poignant quote from the book ‘All my heart is yours sir’ is sweetly embroidered around silk necklines and peter-pan collars, like a secret love letter. Gold cameo earrings and a tiny Victorian book broach, which hangs off a delicate chain, were designed by New Zealander Mirabelle for Kate Sylvester. To complete Kate’s Jane Eyre vision are cherry red lace-up highland dancing shoes and patent eggshell pumps carrying her signature brogue detailing.

Spring Summer 2012/2013 All My Heart is a collection that balances a boldly told story with the finest attention to detail, just as Charlotte Bronte would have approved.

Kate Sylvester would like to thank Great Dane furniture, Duval Leroy, Santa Vittoria, T2 Teas, China Heights Gallery, Seasonal Concepts and Black Star Pastry.

For press enquiries please contact Rae Begley on 02 8338 1813 or email on For showroom enquiries please contact Tanya Pont on 02 8338 1810 or email on

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Home is where I want to be

In the thick of the all consuming Australian Fashion Week pre-production schedule, two moments of beauty as distraction with the new film starring Sean Penn, 'This Must Be the Place' and a re-visit to an old favourite 'Paris, Texas'.

"In This Must Be The Place, Sean Penn plays Cheyenne, a bored, retired, wealthy American goth rock star living in Dublin (and looking a lot like Robert Smith). He's a complex character, bumbling around town with friends and living in an enormous mansion with his down-to-earth wife of 35 years, Jane (Frances McDormand.) When he learns of the death of his father - who he has been estranged from for over 30 years - he returns to America to embark on a road trip that will change him forever. Featuring a terrific soundtrack with music and lyrics by David Byrne and Will Oldham, This Must Be The Place is a genuinely unique film full of warmth, humour, profundity and lots of eye-liner." Hopscotch

Featuring the joyous musicial genius of Talking Heads...

And the glorious film by German director Wim Wenders, 'Paris, Texas' starring Harry Dean Stanton and Nastassja Kinski.

"The plot focuses on an amnesiac (Stanton) who, after mysteriously wandering out of the Mojave Desert, attempts to re-assimilate his life with his brother, his seven year old son, as well as track down his former wife (Kinski). At the 1984 Cannes Film Festival, the film won the Palme d'Or (Golden Palm) from the official jury." Wikipedia

The distinctive musical score was composed by Ry Cooder and is an absolute gem.

- RB

Romance is a ticket to paradise

Kim Gordon x Kim Deal