Sunday, 27 February 2011


- RB

Anja and Animal

Anja an old friend visited from Berlin over the weekend...we see each other every year or so and pick up where we left off. Anja is a Junior Professor of Cultural Studies and is currently researching the concept of 'rhythm' in society; reminded me of Johnny Cash...

We took a walk and found an inspired book 'Animal' by American artist Elliot Ross which is a series of portraits of animals from an isolated and powerful viewpoint. Vastly different from our fun and fashionable 'Painted Paws' post, I loved the sense of calm in these images.

"Anyone who truly wants to escape human solipsism should not seek out empty places. Instead of fleeing to the desert, where they will be thrown back into their own thoughts, they will do better to seek the company of other animals." John Gray, Straw Dogs: thoughts on humans and other animals

- RB

Friday, 18 February 2011

Out Getting Ribs!

We've been all about the music lately, so we'd hate to come to the end of a long day and leave you hanging. Slip off the last of the week's stress before you head out for a Friday night feed with the musical stylings of wunderkind Zoo Kid...

Enjoy the weekend kids!


Girl Crush: Sylve Colless

Ever since Rusty introduced us to triple threat Sylve Colless we have to confess to a minor obsession. That's not dance, act and sing by the way, it's smart, talented and smokin'.  While she's not posing or shooting for Rusty, or conceptualising covers for Stab (by the way she boards as well), she is adding to a personal collection of works that is enigmatic and hauntingly beautiful.

Not just a pretty face!

Check out more of Sylve's work here:
Sylve Colless
The Five Point Five

Friday, 11 February 2011

She Bop!

It's been a bit of a musical marathon lately- what with laneways piling up with ridiculously good looking crowds (seriously people- get thee to a festival!) and side-show alleys teaming with great acts we haven't known which way to look first!

Here are some of our favourite girly tunes from the past week or so to get your weekend underway...

LA outfit Warpaint brought 'experimental art rock' to town.
We're not sure what that is exactly, but we like it!

Sorry, but they had me at Bowie...

Warpaint- Ashes to Ashes (David Bowie cover)

...we like her old stuff better than her new stuff..

Cat Power - Free

...freaky folk...

CocoRosie - By Your Side folk...

(watch this video, if only for the speedos...)

Beach House - Lover of Mine

...Blonde Redhead...

Blonde Redhead- 23

..and last but not least- some vintage MIA!
We love MIA, not just because she pops into the show room to play with Romance Was Born and Claire Inc, but because she rocks it on stage.

MIA - Sunshowers

Happy trails!


Friday, 4 February 2011

Painted Paws

Ever wanted a tiger all  of your own? Or perhaps a panda to cuddle up to?  There's no point in registering your residence as a zoo- just take that pooch of yours down to the parlour for a pamper and a paint job!

Do you find the latest canine craze in China as weird/amazeballs as we do?

But wait- these puppies aren't alone.....
Hellooo kitties!!!

Cute couple?

All we know is we're sorted come Halloween!

Really though-we prefer our pets au natural... Therese Rawsthorne's puppy Scrap....

or Anna Plunkett's lucky pooch Monaro- seen here in a hand-knitted Rabbtoh's sweater by 
Romance Was Born!