Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Enter the Seventh Wonderland

Little Hero opens the showroom door to an inspired new swimwear collection from Sydney: Seventh Wonderland

Designer Bonnie Coumbe brings extensive experience to Seventh Wonderland to create a collection fusing fashion and function seen in her meticulously crafted cuts peppered with distinctive prints. 

Coumbe previously designed for Jets and her background as a textile designer for Karolina York has seen her prints featured internationally from Paris to New York - she applies her hand created original print techniques to each Seventh Wonderland collection using Italian fabrications to ensure quality. 

Seventh Wonderland embodies art, opulence & romance, while the details like ruffles on the '9pm' one piece swimsuit provide a signature which is just as perfect to wear as fashion for a night on the town as it is for the beach - a truly modern take on 'swimwear as fashion' for those who aspire to wear unique & beautifully constructed pieces.  

Bonnie Coumbe works alongside partner Carlos Aviles and together they unveiled the Seventh Wonderland debut collection (as attached) at the Miami Swim Show in July 2008 to great acclaim. In its first season, Seventh Wonderland has secured accounts in boutiques nationally including Fat, Tuchuzy, Pretty Dog, Atlas and Bessie Head. The collection also caught the attention of artists Goldfrapp, Peaches and Australia’s own Cassette Kids who have all worn their pieces.  


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

P.A.M Pops Up

We are jumping frogs and smiling gleefully over here as we announce a welcome new addition to the Little Hero showroom by the name of P.A.M.

Cult Melbourne label P.A.M is the creation of Misha Hollenbach and Shauna T. aka Perks And Mini.  The dynamo duo have made a distinctive mark on a global scale (the P.A.M label has an established and loyal following throughout Japan, Asia, Europe and USA) with their much-loved interpretation of fashion and continual forays into their own warped creative universe (art, music and all things 'pop').

For Winter 2009 men's, women's, shoes and accessories; P.A.M embrace the spirit of modern and ancient history with Magic Messages, a collection of high-impact, high visibility pieces live and direct from another planet.

Channelling messages of positivity and mentalism -- a visit to 1958 New York societies where magic mushrooms gatherings took place and activities of drinking MM tea -- communication with deities and Mexican Hill Gods was a highly influential ritual that played a part in the visualisation of Magic Messages.  As was cycling (Around and around and around...) collage and neo-geometrics.

P.A.M's recurring fascination with moments of historical significance are rediscovered and translated; Aztecs; Ancients; South America; African Dance and Rhythm and the Psyilocybe Mexicana are prominent throughout in the form of bold geometric prints symbolizing Ziggurats and ancient man's efforts to get closer to a greater realm.

Magic Messages reincarnates ideas and manifests itself as acid bright colours seen in P.A.M's iconic surreal graphics and psychedelic oil prints. Modelled for long days, party nights, beaches, the ocean and the sun, P.A.M are searching for the Magic of times past, and are checking their messages on their 'future-phones'!