Friday, 27 May 2011

Collaborate with Colab

Join the likes of local heroes Anthony Lister, Kill Pixie, P.A.M. and international superstars Geoff McFetrige, Deanne Cheuck and Eboy to collaborate with Colab for their 2012 calendar.

Colab Eyewear is looking for 12 of the brightest and most innovative up and coming photographers from around the world to collaborate with them on a limited edition calendar for international distribution.

Like every piece of unique limited edition Colab Eyewear, there will only be 1000 copies of the Colab 2012 Calendar produced and will feature work from the 12 best submissions.

In addition, one lucky photographer will be chosen to shoot the COLAB 2012 lookbook!

For more information and the entry form go to 

Monday, 23 May 2011

90's excellence

Sebadoh are touring and we can't wait.

Lou Barlow has reunited with bandmates Eric Gaffney and Jason Loewenstein as Sebadoh, one of the most excellent 90's bands ever.

Metro Theatre - Wednesday 21st September 8pm

And while we're pondering 90's, here's some Pavement joy:

- RB

Thursday, 19 May 2011

RAFW DAY FOUR - Stolen Girlfriends Club Thursday 4th May 6.30pm


Thursday 4th May 2011 at 6.30pm
Cargo Theatre

Spring/Summer 2011 - The Big Comedown

Stolen Girlfriends Club lead us off the garden path this season with a signature print derived from the stunning work of New Zealand visual artist Karl Maughan.  Dealing with ideas stemming from the cultivation of the ideal, and an interruption or imposition on nature, the print presents a flawlessness that is both seductive and suspicious. Maughan's hyper-real paintings of surrealist fantasy landscapes in an explosion of colour are magnified and multiplied into an infinite maze of light and dark that dances on a slipstream of silk.

Refining their rock edge, Stolen Girlfriends Club applies their irreverent approach to sharp tailoring, loosened by panels of chiffon and georgette, dresses with articulated bodice details and a lick of leather, offering a collection with a slicker surface and a darker heart. The Big Comedown reflects a superficial beauty with an ominous undertone.

Show credits:

Production & Casting - Ali Newling & Natalie Jane Miller @ Alias Creative
Styling - Zara Mirkin
Make Up - Terry Barber for M.A.C
Hair - Greg Murrell @ Ryder for KMS California
Visual Effects - The Visualisation Unit
Fine Art - Karl Maughan for Stolen Girlfriends Club
Shoes - Stolen Girlfriends Club for Jeffrey Campbell
Creative & Music Direction - Stolen Girlfriends Club
PR - Rae Begley, Little Hero

Supported by sponsors KMS California, M.A.C, Ryder and Mini.

RAFW DAY THREE - Alice McCALL Wednesday 4th May 7.30pm


Wednesday 4th May 2011 at 7.30pm

Alice McCall Spring/Summer 2011 - Thé Dansant

This season alice McCALL refines the relaxed bohemian quality that is so much a part of her signature, evoking a romantic, decadent world of modern elegance inspired by the old-world sophistication of a Victorian Tea Dance.  Thé Dansant invites us to a decadent Parisian high tea that spills out into a garden scented with soft music and antique blooms. A broderie clothed table, already abandoned for the promise of the evening air, plays host to mismatched china, cut crystal, and delicate petit fours. 

Magnified scroll prints curl around lampshade silhouettes and contour the body, while porcelain white cutwork echoes lacy-edged Victorian cake plates in basket-weave organzas.  The exotic taste of China ties up basics with braided tassle belts, pulling back soft curtains to reveal a room dressed in sand washed silks, crepe de chines and antique jacquards laced with lurex. Set against floaty sun ray prints, sheer sculpted silhouettes are bordered by delicate flocking and contrasting white collars.1940s tailored scalloping adds an elegantly eccentric touch to the crispness of a Wedgewood print that freshens for a moment the opulent Parisian palette of deep blues and berry-peppered florals, adorned from time to time with fine gold piping, or an emblazoned Fleur de Lys.

Show Credits:

Creative Director - Alice McCall
Stylist - Tamila Purvis
Producer - Ali Newling and Natalie Jane Harvie from Alias
Hair Director - Jon Pulitano from Headcase Hair for Cloud 9
Make Up Director - Linda Jefferyes for M.A.C
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
PR - Rae Begley, Little Hero

Supported by sponsors Cloud 9, M.A.C, Veet, Westfield, Aveeno and Lily-Flame England.

RAFW DAY TWO - Kate Sylvester Tuesday 3rd May 8.30pm


Tuesday 3rd May 2011 at 8.30pm
Inglis Sales Ring, Randwick

Kate Sylvester Spring Summer 2011/12 - Into The Light

In one of Australian Fashion Week's most creative presentations, Kate Sylvester delivered a mood piece inspired by the ephemeral oscillation of the moth's wing and a reverie to the revs of a motocross engine.

The glass topped ampitheatre of the Inglis Sales Ring in Randwick played stage to a circular runway that allowed the audience to mill in dimmed light with the transient quality of twilight or dusk before taking to tiered seating where subtle movements and quiet chatter moved the air around an orb of light, pooling in the centre of the ring.  With the screetch of tyres Julia Nobis opened the show under beams of light.

Models circled the ring as hot roller flames licked pencil skirts, emblazoned blazer pockets and burned leather shorts, refining into a soft grey silk jumpsuit, momentarily stepping into the light before disappearing as moving shapes in the ambiguous mist. The dusty palette of moth eaten pieces marked by the brooding eyes of fragile wings, worked cleverly into cut aways on shoulders and necklines, mirrored into the glorious grunge diffused grey/black eye created by makeup director Terry Barber. 

Tulle applique fluted and ruffled its way across silk tees and dresses in muted notes of nude and charcoal.  Sun ray pleats whispered around legs with an embellished bralette and lacy, eaten broderie hems grazed the floor with full length lace dresses in a monochromatic palette that provided the moody backdrop for an explosion of electric colour. Periwinkle, canary yellow and forest green injected saturated colour and a lighter moment with feminine, lightly frilled dresses.  Moths wings fluttered in the folds and frills of a camisole tucked into high waisted leather short shorts before floating into the longer lengths of a tea dress. Offering not only a collection balanced delicately between the tougher elements of strong tailoring, biker details and leather and decidedly feminine dresses, but a considered  and resonant fashion moment that moves beyond clothes and draws the concepts behind them into the light.

Show Credits:

Creative Direction - Wayne Conway
Styling - Karen Inderblitzen-Waller
Makeup - Terry Barber for M.A.C
Hair - Jon Pulitano for Headcase Hair for Redken
Production - Ali Newling from Alias Creative
Casting - Natalie Jane Miller from Alias Creative
PR - Rae Begley from Little Hero
Music - Wayne Conway and Kate Sylvester
Shoes & Accessories - Kate Sylvester

Supported by sponsors Redken, M.A.C, Rosemount and Perrier.

RAFW DAY TWO - Carl Kapp Tuesday 3rd May 5.30pm


Tuesday 3rd May 2011 at 5.30pm

Spring Summer 2011/12 - Falling Water

Making a stunning debut at RAFW, master draper and fine tailor Carl Kapp cut silhouettes with enviably elegant restraint. Taking inspiration from the ballet shoe and the way it delicately ties around the leg, fluid silks in lustrous earth tones swathe the form with a relaxed Grecian simplicity. Sunset and desert shades set fire to fleeting silhouettes that transformed with the body's slightest movement, creating different shapes with settled drapes and folds. Dresses clinged to neck and flowed to the floor, twisting at strategic points with knot work and subtle ribboning that ties etherial slips of silk to a long, lean body with considered versatility. Like birds of paradise in full courtship display, gowns of textured silks in a saturated palette of saffrons, berries and deep rose carve striking figures in an intensely glamourous modern landscape.

Show Credits:

Producer - Rachel Tuffery, Pronto Productions
Creative Direction and Stylist - Mark Vassallo
Hair Director - Jon Pulitano from Headcase Hair for Redken
Make Up Director - Napoleon Perdis
Music - Jonny Seymour
PR - Rae Begley, Little Hero
Shoes - Tristan Blair for Carl Kapp

Supported by sponsors Redken, Westfield, Headcase Hair, Woolmark, Napoleon, Little Hero and Redken.

RAFW DAY TWO - Therese Rawsthorne Tuesday 3rd May 9am


Tuesday 3rd May 2011 at 9.00am

Therese Rawsthorne - Spring Summer 2011/12

Rain fell on the curved corrugated roofs of an abandoned railway outpost as innovative designer Therese Rawsthorne opened Day Two of Australian Fashion Week.

Inspired by the saturated celluloid of David Lynch's Twin Peaks, this season Therese Rawsthorne drew her collection in a deeper, darker palette in a set of a circle of trees, set to the backdrop of builders plastic covered stud (ala character Leo Johnson's house) and the Twin Peaks High School logo rendered in neon lights. 

Pulling from the iconic menswear pieces worn by Agent Dale Cooper, Bobby and James, and reworking them in an eclectic mix of soft silk and sharp tailoring, the collection projects a luxurious athleticism that defines the new femininity.

Trenches are roughed up with biker sleeves, or cut into wrap dresses that are spilt and spliced at strategic points to allow sleeves to wrap around the waist.  A digital 'woodland' print derived from the grained panelling at The Great Northern wraps itself around accordion skirts and tops with open backs that race alongside preppie collegiate washed silk shirting and dresses.

Evening pulls back a velvet curtain on The Red Room, with rusts, lilacs and an electric chartreuse highlighting Rawsthorne's classic palette of nudes and neutrals, exploding into a digital orchid print inspired by Harold Smith’s greenhouse; a styling motif that carried through in elegant sprays of philanopsis looped into a belt, held in the hand or curling over the eye. A log ‘back pack’ styled back with the orchid print and oversized blue silk tee announced itself in ironic homage to the log lady.

Frilled dresses with elongated silhouettes and detailed wrapping backs in silk or spotted tulle walk through the racy rooms of casino One Eyed Jack’s hand in hand with tuxedo tailoring cut close to the body. Signature deconstructed man-style tailoring in silk jackets and wide-leg pants pull back the prettier dresses of the collection with the casual sense of ease that has always been Therese Rawsthorne's classically understated approach to modern dressing.

Producer - Rachel Tuffery at Pronto Productions
Stylist - Caterina Scardino
Hair- Jon Pulitano from Headcase Hair for Cloud Nine
Make Up - Linda Jefferyes for M.A.C
Nails - Creative Nail Design
Shoes - Tristan Blair
Underwear - Nearly Nude
Music - Jonny Seymour
PR - Little Hero

Supported by sponsors Cloud 9, Nearly Nude, M.A.C, CND, Westfield, The Vine, Latteria Darlinghurst and Black Star Pastry.