Tuesday, 27 May 2008


SPOD presents to you, AMINALS! So very good.

What better way to herald the return from a retrospective retirement than with the delivery of 3 sweet tunes unrelated to anything but the relentless & unquestioning platonic love between man and beast.

The product of the desire to release some songs whilst finishing the new album to say hello to friends new and old, without having to worry about what said songs are saying, what they are, where they came from, where SPOD has been and where he’s going.

It exists only to deliver 3 songs on a limited edition vinyl release, being CATS! Which is the celebration of felines via a Moog & Super Nintendo boogie jam, Ladybug which was written & recorded on the fly by SPODs co-founder Peejay straight to 4 track at the inception of the band about the dichotomy of a man ladybug (before a Bugs Life stole that shit) and a cover of the first naughty song SPOD ever heard in the back of a School bus, 2 Live Crews ‘We Want Some Pussy’.

So buy it! And with every 7” you get a docket to download an mp3 or Apple Lossless verision of Aminals! Or if you don’t have a record player, buy one anyway and stop doing it wrong.

Stay tuned for tours as this SPOD is even better live.


Cuprocking Exhibition with Andy Uprock

Wednesday 28th May 2008, 6.30pm
Section 8, 27-29 Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne

Andy Uprock hails from Sydney and he's devised a new form of limitlessly creative art called cuprocking. Essentially, this involves sticking thousands of plastic cups in ordinary wire fences to create huge, floating, temporary works of art. He's been doing his thing around Sydney for a while now and has even learnt how to do it in braille, essentially making him the first person to ever do graffiti for the blind. Andy is packing his bags to take on fences all over the world in June. Keep your eyes peeled for this talented and enlightened artist's work...

The Getaway with James Cameron

Friday 2nd May 2008, 9am

Cargo Theatre

It's not that you work for the weeekend it's just that this one is special. It's the getaway you've been waiting for. the letting go of the things that keep you in town.

Built on the idea of escape and the disintegration of formality "The Getaway" is the Spring Summer 08/09 collection from James Cameron. The suits are clean and crisp, as are the club collared shirts but as the time passes the pieces become more and more artisanal. The collar of one shirt has a hand painted trim, shorts are un-hemmed trousers, t shirts are soft, it's time to relax.

James Cameron collections are effortless, natural and understated.

View the show online at: http://www.vogue.com.au

Antipodium makes Friends in Low Places

Thursday 1st May 2008, 9pm
Cargo Theatre

For ANT!PODiUM's Holiday 08/09 collection RAFW debut, Friends in Low Places, Creative Director Geoffrey J. Finch is cleverly accenting his cult East London aesthetic with references to his rural Queensland roots.

Think London 'It' girls at a B&S ball: a champagne-soaked wonderland where bright young things kick up their heels, losing their inhibitions and probably their shoes. Translated into a witty and eclectic selection of versatile yet distinctive party frocks and chic separates, Friends In Low Places will take the ANT!PODiUM woman from polite 5pm cocktail-sipping through to 5am power ballad dance-offs, and everything in between.

ANT!PODiUM's trademark monochrome palette is punctuated by patchwork, romantic florals and warm, earth tones including blush, cream, Tia Maria, Baileys and a soft pink (titled playfully as 'nipple'). Pearl buttons, industrial nickel zips and a smattering of fringeing accent the collection with aplomb.

Finch and partners Fenella and Ashe Peacock have focussed on texture, playing on ANT!PODiUM's unique cultural duplicity (East London meets rural Australiana) by contrasting luxe fabrics with traditional workwear materials, including a super-soft washed chambray with organza, moleskin with taffeta, luxurious silk with mop cotton knitwear and crisp shirting with a molten jersey.

Confident silhouettes are an ANT!PODiUM signature and for Friends in Low Places they have been created by manipulating menswear, subverting classic party shapes and playfully fusing tailoring with drapery.

View show online at: http://www.vogue.com.au

Instant Karma for TV

Thursday 1st May 2008, 4pm


TV debuted at RAFW with their Spring Summer 2008-09 collection 'Instant Karma.'

Inspired by the dark and poetic mystery of the Australian landscape, 'Instant Karma' combines elements and ideas that are abstract, complex and refreshingly simple. Exploring the diversity, displacement and the struggle to find equilibrium within the environment. The collection attempts to address the complex relationship between the figure and the landscape.

Produced are pieces that mimic the natural lines and movement of the body while referring to the shapes and textures of the landscape around it. This landscape with its dynamics of line, surface and scale gradually integrate with the garments as the collection unfolds. Combinations of different techniques and fabric textures are used, often in unison to create the terrain set upon a canvas of classic archetypal clothing while 19th century Australian colonial dress inspires the detailing.

TV worked with Melbourne artist Maria Gloria to encorporate hand made 'dream catchers' throughout the collection, also seen back in earrings and neck pieces.

View show online at: http://www.vogue.com.au

Journey with Romance Was Born...

Wednesday 30th April 2008, 9pm
Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Namaste! …Meaning, “I salute the divine qualities in you”.

Journey with Romance Was Born extreme backpacker style, on a trek of self-discovery to a remote part of the world; in a fictitious land where two borders meet and the mountains kiss the sky…

Witness the beauty of a traditional wedding joining two neighbouring hilltop tribes in their spectacular customary ceremony. Like the balance between yin and yang this union of opposites will restore harmony to the tribes.

So honour the young brides virginity and bless the couple’s marriage with an offering to the gods. Join the tribes as they perform an Ancient ritual - the sacrificial slaying of a goat followed by a three day feast. Let the wedding festival begin!

Romance Was Born create a new symbology for Spring Summer 2008-09 with bold yardage prints featuring the tribal icons of the hilltop tribes. The range is a celebration of ethnic craft fuelled by clashing textures and colours adorned with the ornament of the villagers skill – beading, weaving and plaited fringing feature as intricate handmade detailing throughout. There will be a lick of printed velvet and plenty of beautiful knits and some pom-pom action to boot. Join Romance Was Born as they go beyond borders, break down the Great Wall with universal peace, love and harmony.

View show online at: http://www.vogue.com.au

Friedrich Gray's Draped Glory

Tuesday 29th April 2008, 9pm
Cargo Theatre

Ben Pollitt of Friedrich Gray unveiled his Spring Summer 2008-09 collection 'We Saw the Morning' at RAFW with a bold procession of other worldly beings.

The models stalked the runway in an ode to sophisticated deconstructivism which masterfully integrated clashing styles to form a collection that is both innovative and wearable. His unique signature of hand treated fabrics are worked, washed, beaten and treated to become a unique brand of Friedrich Gray perfection.

Selected by the Editor of Vogue Australia, Kirstie Clements announced today the Australian Protege as Friedrich Gray. Ben Pollit will showcase a selection of wool pieces today at 1 pm alongside international collections by Jean Pierre Braganza, Kristian Aadnevik, Ioannis Cholids, Julian Louie, Sandra Backlund.

The Australian Wool Innovation presents the Protégé collection where each designer has been selected by an internationally respected fashion identity to create a unique range made from Australian Merino wool. Collections have been selected by designers Karl Lagerfeld, Donatella Versace, Paul Smith, Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein and the Editor of Vogue Italiana Franca Sozzani.

View the show: http://www.vogue.com.au/