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Instrument is a documentary film directed by Jem Cohen about the band Fugazi. 1999

Thursday, 10 May 2012

RWB & Jenny Kee: "kindred spirits"

Can you imagine a more exciting creative marriage than Romance Was Born's Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales teaming up with fashion legend Jenny Kee? 

Anna Plunkett, Jenny Kee and Luke Sales

For Jenny's first presentation since 1981, the Romance pair came on board as co-stylists! "We wanted to do something a bit new with Jenny's scarves. We wanted to give the Romance Was Born take on her designs. Jenny loves the way that Anna wears the scarves - that's how it came about," Luke Sales explained.

"We are kindred spirits," Anna added, "We share a certain understanding of creativity and we both have a really natural, organic way of working. Plus we both share a love of colour!"

Anna and Luke had Jenny's designs reproduced on lycra unitards "to contemporise the looks." The unitards formed the foundation for their amazing layered styling.

Favourite looks? "Obviously the waratah," according to Anna, "That design resonates deeply with Jenny and is her totem. Luke and I also loved the pink outfit, with the big Flamingo Park bag, we called her the "pinkie party girl!"

Anna Plunkett adds finishing touches backstage to the Pinkie Party Girl!

We asked Anna for some tips on how to wear Jenny's scarves, "There are heaps of ways! Keep one in your bag because they're great layering pieces. For cold days, or if you're going out at night and you want to add something to your neckline. I love tying them into a turban; it feels glamorous."

DAY FOUR :: Carl Kapp :: Thursday 3rd May 7 pm

Thursday May 3rd 2012 at 7pm
The Tent, OPT, Circular Quay

Spring Summer 2012-13 ‘Collision’

The erotically charged images of Amazonian women by photographer Helmut Newton were at the forefront of Carl Kapp’s mind when he was designing his Spring Summer 2012/2013 collection ‘Collision’.

Carl Kapp demonstrates the breadth of his design expertise with a balanced collection including modern tailoring and structured pieces previously unexplored in his past work.  Inspiration comes from the work of sculptor John Chamberlain, known for his abstract expressionist sculptures made from scrap-metal auto parts.  Viewing the crumpled metal as ‘frozen draping’, the collection explores a relationship between soft fluidity and sculptured draping. 

A late 80’s colour palette dominates with unabashed hedonism – an iris purple, deep marigold yellow and poppy red weave in between gelato shades of milky green and mandarin.  Carl Kapp has chosen texture as a focus, using Italian woven black and white wool and cotton crepes that add a graphic element when paired back with colours reminiscent of the era of the supermodel, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington. Upon close inspection there is an attention to the finest details in Kapp's work, each piece is meticulously cut and fit to perfection from the most premium fabrications sourced from Europe.

Carl Kapp’s signature silk gowns are reinvented with brash showmanship – draped panels billow like parachutes with the slightest movement in shades of champagne and inky midnight blue.  Suiting contrasts this softness, graphite silk blazers kick out at the shoulder, pencil skirts are expertly tailored and mold beautifully to the body.  

Intemperance is underpinned with excellent skill - hunks of twisted auto metal, a double wool crepe dress in iris purple crumples into a bloom of red metallic-like folds.  A marigold yellow wool dress plunges in a deep V to the base of the spine, which statuesque column gowns are strapless and pared down.  Safari suits are sharp and sexy, head nodding a working-girl, power-woman aesthetic but in a modern interpretation.   

This season, Carl Kapp is pushing beyond is comfort zone and has found a stride of confidence and an independent vision, which when paired with his mastery of the female form results in a beautifully executed collection.

Carl Kapp is available at David Jones, select boutiques and from his Paddington boutique where he offers ready to wear and made to measure pieces.

Show Credits:

Stylist - Jolyon Mason
Show Producer - Geraldine Frater at Event Gallery
Hair Direction - Alan White @ The Names Agency for GHD
Make Up Direction - Rebecca Prior & Kate Squires for Napoleon 
Nail Direction - CND - Pacific Nail & Beauty
Music Director - Jonny Seymour
PR & Sponsorship - Little Hero
Shoes - Tristan Blair for Carl Kapp
Head Pieces - Philomena Kwok for Carl Kapp
Backdrop - Marc Ryan for Barrisol
Graphic Design - Rafal Gaweda - Exposition by Raf

Thank you to our sponsors: ghd, Napoleon, CND, Barrisol, Philomena Kwok Millinery and Anthony Gigace & Associates. 

All photography by Lucas Dawson -
For further information or images, please contact Rae Begley,, 02 8338 1810, 0419 890 888

Saturday, 5 May 2012

DAY FOUR :: Jenny Kee :: Thursday 3rd May 11am

Thursday 3rd May 2012 at 11am
The Box, OPT, Circular Quay

 "I don't want to be restricted by fashion whims - it's too temporary. I think my work is about lasting." Jenny Kee

The scent of delicate lemon myrtle and eucalyptus wafted through the air, whilst the sounds of the Australian bush melded with Buddhist mantras gently set a scope for the Jenny Kee's first major solo presentation 'The Art of the Scarf' since her infamous 'Flamingo Follies' show alongside Linda Jackson in 1981. 

Showcasing ten archival Jenny Kee looks spanning from 1980-2012, the 'Art of the Scarf' presentation features seminal works with a focus on print, from iconic re-issues of old works including the Black Opal print used in Karl Lagerfeld's first collection for Chanel in his1983 show to new works previously unseen.  All scarves are available to buy from the Art of the Scarf ready to wear collection, a non seasonal collection that may be considered more like art as new pieces are created and re-issues added over time;  all proudly 100% Australian made with the highest quality silks and utilising digital print technology courtesy of Think Positive Prints the scarves are the ultimate colour translation of Jenny Kee's print works. 

The silk scarf is Kee’s way of allowing art to be worn on the body, favoured for the material’s fluidity, movement and grace.  Influenced by Australian Indigenous art, tribal cultures and symbols, for Kee, each print shares a personal narrative. Interlinking these symbols and images across various mediums – oil crayons, acrylic, watercolours and Asian inks – one scarf can be constructed of over twenty originals artworks all from the hand of Jenny Kee

For the past 40 years, Jenny Kee has remained a remarkable beacon within the Australian fashion industry.  With a passionately joyous and distinctly Australian approach to her craft, Kee has always worked within the fashion world from an artistic mindset.  Drawing on her love of Australian fauna and flora, particularly the Waratah, which she deems her totem, Kee’s art is a mix of vivaciously hand-painted chaotic collages – flowers, animals, exotic birds, opals and tropical fish. Kee was the first designer to place iconic Australiana references into prints for fashion and it feels beautifully relevant in 2012 just as it did in 1980.

'Small and beautiful' is what I'm all about now says Kee, 'I've been around for a while in fashion and this is what feels perfect for this moment in time. I'm excited to be sharing it.'   Styled with Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales from Romance Was Born, 'Art of The Scarf' marks  Jenny Kee's debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

Show Credits:
Casting and Production - Sunny Grace - Sun Productions
Styling - Anna Plunkett, Luke Sales and Jenny Kee 
Concept and Direction - Jenny Kee and Rae Begley
Hair Director - Richard Kavanagh for Redken
Make Up Director - Natasha Severino for M.A.C
Nails - CND

Shoes - Melissa 

Jewellery - Harlequin Markets

Flowers and Installation  - Grandiflora

Music - Jonny Seymour

PR & Sponsorship - Little Hero

Supported by sponsors: Redken, Woolmark, Grandiflora, M.A.C, CND and Think Positive Designer Prints 
All photography by Lucas Dawson -
For further information or images, please contact Rae Begley,, 02 8338 1810, 0419 890 888

Sales Showroom at 47 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney

Sales Contact:
Louise Bishop
0449 858 118

Press Contact:
Rae Begley
Little Hero
0419 890 888
02 8338 1813

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Spotted at Jenny Kee

This morning, Jenny Kee made her Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia debut. Check out some of the people we spied backstage and in the crowd!

Tim Blanks came by to speak with Jenny:

Tim Blanks interviews Jenny Kee

She gave him a beautiful waratah, direct from her garden!
Tim Blanks

Outside at registration was a huge crowd of people, eagerly lining up to catch a glimpse of the presentation

Sophie Lowe

Alexandra Spencer, 4th and Bleeker

Emma Balfour

Liam McKessar and Kate Waterhouse

Christine Centenera

Susie Bubble and Phil Oh looking cute!

Inside, guests circled models positioned on plinths among gum branches, the air fresh with lemon myrtle

Mitchell Oakley Smith and Meg Grey

Kirstie Clements

Candice Lake

Glynis Traill-Nash

Gail Sorronda

DAY THREE :: alice McCALL :: Wednesday May 2nd 2012 10am

Wednesday May 2nd 2012 at 10am
The Tent, Overseas Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay

alice McCALL - Spring Summer 2012-13 - 'Babooshka'
A spectrum of colour washed the runway at The Tent the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and the eerie voice of Kate Bush filled the crowd, as alice McCALL prepared to send down the catwalk a pack of beautiful futuristic gypsies to showcase her Spring Summer 2012/2013 collection 'Babooshka'. International bloggers Rumi Neely, Bryan Boy, Elin Kling, Yvan Rodic and Susie Bubble sat front row along with fashion influencers Yasmin Sewell, Ruby Rose, Kirstie Clements and Edwina McCann. 

For  alice McCALL, Budapest’s famous antiquated stain glass windows were a starting point for her collection. From there, Alice took a trip into Hungarian folk art, finding inspiration in needlepoints, blossoming embroideries, delicate laces and even cheery Russian babushka dolls.

A kaleidoscope of sun-drenched colours creep across dresses – powered lavender, marigold yellow, raspberry coulis, cherry tomato red and pastel mandarin – in digital prints of floral folk embroidery and stain glass patterns.  Silhouettes such as apron necklines, lampshade skirts, sundresses and onesies conjure traditional Hungarian dress, but with a sports-luxe edge. Sleek waved cut outs add a high-tech feeling to traditional lace dresses and bodices in dreamy pastel shades.

The big message lies between the lines. Art nouveau curves frame the body – necklines delicately cut around the collarbone, skirt around hemlines and frame the back in a divine whiplash reminiscent of the staircases in a fairytale Hungarian castle.  Digital prints mimic stone nouveau windows, sculpting around torsos on dresses exploding in traditional Hungarian floral prints. A daisy chain print lace dress with doll sleeves features a weightless swirled peplum skirt. 

Details never overpower, but add depth and a sentimental note.  White and neon gemstone resin beading overlay prints, tone on tone applique detailing and rainbow foiling add a futuristic element. Other pieces are unexpectedly pared-down for the brand, like sculpted bodice and matching ankle-biter pants in a warm tangerine.

The exploration of traditional Hungarian laces, folk needlepoints and architecture harmonizes well with the alice McCALL moniker, and creates a modern and fresh collection bringing a sense of colour and joy back in an industry of safe game-players.

alice McCALL is available at David Jones, select boutiques, their flagship store in Darlinghurst and online store

Show Credits:
Show Producer - Jack Bedwani @ The Projects
Casting - Sunny Grace
Creative Director - Alice McCall
Stylist - Meg Gray
PR & Sponsorship - Little Hero
Music Director - Jonny Powell
Make Up - Nigel Stanilaus for Maybelline
Hair - Sophie Roberts for GHD

Supported by sponsors: GHD, Maybelline and Veet.

Ultravox - Vienna
Rayko - Juicy Fruit
Glass Candy - Miss Broadway
Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't it be Good
Kaminsky - Nightcall
Kate Bush - Babooshka

All photography by Lucas Dawson -

For further information or images, please contact Rae Begley,, 02 8338 1810, 0419 890 888