Thursday, 23 June 2011

From M to M and Back Again

The day Melody met Mark she was determined to make him her best friend.
The day Mark met Melody he was interested in her boyfriend.

Here is some Q&A with this superstar Little Hero duo:

How would you describe each other in 3 words?
Melody on Mark: Wacky Fabulous Klutz
Mark on Melody:  Ball busting, Spunky with Talent to Spare

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Thursday, 16 June 2011

When you smile at me you make me feel so happy

Ratcat are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their number one album Blind Love this weekend - so good. Yewww!

Blind Love 20th Anniversary Show
Saturday 18th June, 7.30pm
The Factory Theatre, Enmore NSW
- RB

Friday, 10 June 2011

How To

I love a 'how to'; they're very helpful for most things in life.

As a tribute to DJ Jazzy Jay playing in Sydney this weekend here's some 'how to' early 80's footage...

'How to scratch' brought to you by Jazzy Jay and Afrika Bambaataa:

'How to battle' brought to you by Beat Street vs NYC Breakers:

Saturday 11th June 9pm
GOODGOD Danceteria
55 Liverpool Street, Sydney

As quoted from the good people at GoodGod:

“Founding member of Hip Hop’s foundational Zulu Nation, Beat Street star and the Bronx’s very own yes, welcome the legendary DJ Jazzy Jay in his first solo Sydney performance ever!

Having a career that's spanned over 30 years, Jazzy Jay is one of the true Hip Hop pioneers. In the early 1980's his DJ skills ruled both NYC's street parties and the city's most famed clubs, including The Roxy and Danceteria. In 1984, Jazzy Jay famously played himself in the role of club DJ in the classic Hip-Hop film, Beat Street. This film took the four elements of Hip-Hop to the masses and became an overground hit in Australia. Marking the 27th anniversary of this groundbreaking film, Jazzy Jay will touch down in Sydney to confirm to us how fun and influential this era was.

Jay went on to become a certified hit machine when he co-produced Afrika Bambaataa's anthemic Planet Rock  and recorded the single: "Jazzy Sensation" as part of the Jazzy 5. He assisted in founding Def Jam and Strong City Records and later collaborated with the finest including The Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, Fat Joe, Brand Nubian and more. His experimentation with turntable trickery saw him later inducted into the DMC DJ Hall of Fame and featured in the DJ documentary, Scratch: All The Way Live. - he's done it all!

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Hedgehog in the Fog

The beautiful classic Russian animated short film 'Hedgehog in the Fog' [Ёжик в тумане], Yuriy Norshteyn from 1975...

Here's to tea with friends!

Stay warm.

- RB

Friday, 3 June 2011

Hat Trick!

There is an influx of colour flowing into the Little Hero showroom as we shift from Winter to Summer  for our press showings next week. All is bright and light; it feels good.

This evening plays host to our opener for a well earned introduction to the Vivid Creative Sydney and the Vivid Sydney program as we attend the first in a hat trick of weekend festivities.

Hands On: Makers show their wares

Friday June 3rd - 6-7pm

We're promised to 'meet the new generation of makers and artisans: hear how they craft unique products, manage niche production processes and share their work with fans around the world.' Definitely a conversation starter and one we're sure our Carl Tindall from COLAB eyewear will relish with his ability to spin a well executed dialogue on many topics!

Carl is one of the participants alongside Jodie Fox founder of Shoes of Prey, Keg de Souza artist, Jeremy from We Are Handsome and Brian McNamara from Rare Beasts.

COLAB's current collection is an evolving story as each frame is a new collaboration with an artist but take a peek at this behind the scenes snapshot of the look book creation...

Bat for Lashes
Sydney Opera House
Saturday 4th June at 9pm

Natasha Khan, aka Bat For Lashes, is pretty brilliant really.  Finally a chance for a live performance.

Last night we heard was very good and continued her support of the work of our Romance Was Born as she wore one of their pieces on stage. This song always reminds me of their 'Doilies and Pearls, Oysters and Shells' collection show from 2009 (pictured below).

Chris Cunningham
Sydney Opera House
Sunday 5th June at 5pm 

Music and multi-screen projections from an award-winning video art pioneer. From Aphex Twin to Björk and Madonna, Cunningham brings his own brand of genius to everything he touches. Cult filmmaker, musician, photographer and producer Chris Cunningham is responsible for some of the most iconic music videos ever made, amongst a myriad of other accomplishments.

View this 1 minute and 7 second trailer for a taster of his work - boom!

And then there's Abbey Lee for Gucci...

All is full of love...

Enjoy the weekend!

- RB

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Dreams and Magic Castles

Spod makes me laugh; he's a genius true blue Australian talent and so is Dan Kelly. 

When two magical forces combine great things happen... 

'Dan Kelly's Dream' - Video created by Spod at the 'Magic Castle.'

And in the midst of Vivid Creative Sydney here's an inspired presentation by Spod from 2010.

- RB