Friday, 23 April 2010

Pretty Dog! New store opening! The party!

One Sunday a few years back, I was strolling along Omotesando-dori in Aoyama, Tokyo. Out the front of Dior, I spied a bunch of teensy dachshunds dressed as The Seven Dwarfs. Little Dior-loving doggie dwarfs, they were!

“Pretty,” I ruminated to the person I was with.

“I like dogs,” I added.

“Especially hot dogs,” I continued.

“And they aren’t even real dogs!” I surmised.

And THAT’S my segue into Pretty Dog’s delightful new shop at 5 Brown Street, Newtown.

Here it is, looking especially pretty in a plume of pink!

Last night, Pretty Dog’s lovely proprietor Tanya Stevanovic welcomed a handsome rabble of around 200 guests to ring in the new digs.

Anna Plunkett (Romance Was Born), Tanya, Luke Sales (Romance Was Born), along with Anna's pooch, Monaro.

Local singer/songwriter Sally Seltmann enchanted all present with a set from her new album.

As you will no doubt know, Pretty Dog has been a hot house for local talent since 1996. If I was better at my seven times table, I would tell you precisely how long that is in dog years*.

Excitingly, with the Newtown store, Pretty Dog are headlong out the gates to the International Arrivals lounge, now stocking Future Classics, Opening Ceremony, Jerome Dreyfuss, and Paul & Joe.


Along with much-loved customers reveling round the racks, a bunch of much-loved designers dropped by and enjoyed the fine company and surrounds. Foodstuffs were hot off the plate from Newtown’s Bloodwood, enjoyed with beverages from Chambord, ABSOLUT, Oyster Bay, and Santa Vittoria.

As the night wore on, there was even a dance off to Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’.

Off the hook!

More snaps:

Gary Bigeni and Therese Rawsthorne.

Dion Lee and friend.

Pretty Dog party goers, in style.

Anna Plunkett, Sally Seltmann, and Little Hero director, Rae Begley.

Little Hero was thrilled to be part of Pretty Dog's big evening in downtown Newtown.

(Photographer credit: Daniel Boud)

*After calculator consultation, please be advised that 14 years in Pretty Dog years = 98 years.


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