Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Gail Sorronda is gale force!

Hang on to your hats, kids, because Gail Sorronda is one label a-stormin' up a serious gale. Yeah, you heard the forecast! Hector Pascal’s manning the Barometric Pressure Bar and it’s weather-related puns ALL ROUND.

Now obviously I don’t know a single thing about meteorology, but I do know that Gail Reid’s label Gail Sorronda was recently announced as one of seven finalists in the Vogue Italia emerging talent competition 'Who Is On Next'. 

Well, friends at Vogue Italia, I can confidently answer your question (curiously devoid of a question-mark, which means it is probably a statement), thus:


(Only don’t ask me to say it in Italian.)

So, as a finalist for 'Who Is On Next', Reid presented the Gail Sorronda ‘Murmur’ collection in Rome last Saturday. As you can see, the SS 2010/11 collection is a diaphanous plume of exquisite gathering, ruffles and tulle, all tethered with zips, buckles, seriously taut tailoring.

And, speaking of hats, as I vaguely was at some point, get a goosey gander at these hats, why don’t ya?

Gail Reid may have called this collection Murmur, but I say SPOLMONARSI.

(According to my real Italian friends -- also known as Google Translator, as my real Italian friends are, at a pinch, fictional -- ‘spolmonarsi’ means ‘shout oneself hoarse').

So, I'll shout myself hoarse by shouting, hoarsely:


x Samone