Wednesday, 19 January 2011

School's Out For Summer...

But IN for Autumn/Winter

Kate Sylvester is schooling us in cool by seamlessly stitching sportswear with couture in her upcoming collection 'Lost & Found', and we're happy to stay back after class!

Pulling from 70s images of muse-worthy Loulou de la Falaise and stills from Swedish art house flick Let the Right One In  , 1970’s sportswear is reworked in featherweight chiffons and silks, the field comes into play with boucle knit sweaters and cardigans in rugby stripes, and an explosive Rubik’s cube print is pure math 1.01. But If, like myself, you're more of a spectator than a sportswoman, 'sweater girl’ knits, silk blouses and dresses in floral prints, skirts in mink, caramels, violet or lace, or dresses and tops laced with tiny sequins should keep you warm in the stands.

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