Thursday, 23 June 2011

From M to M and Back Again

The day Melody met Mark she was determined to make him her best friend.
The day Mark met Melody he was interested in her boyfriend.

Here is some Q&A with this superstar Little Hero duo:

How would you describe each other in 3 words?
Melody on Mark: Wacky Fabulous Klutz
Mark on Melody:  Ball busting, Spunky with Talent to Spare

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How would you describe each others style?
Melody on Mark: Gentlemanly with a pinch of dandy
Mark on Melody: Fearless, Eclectic and Leggy

What is your favourite Mark fashion moment?
Mark everyday. No one can work a bow tie like Mark can.

What is your favourite Melody fashion moment?
When Melody turned 21 she rocked a self made coca cola printed dress and turned it into an avant guard party dress with balloons as an underskirt. She was receiving rental enquiries on this number for weeks!!

Today Melody wears Therese Rawsthorne Dress and Urban Outfit Wedges
Today Mark wears Jack London Blazer, Vintage Shirt and Bow Tie, Topman Pants, River Island Shoes and Jasper Conran Glasses.

Best Friends Forever.

xx M & M

Mark Richard Fletcher - Fashion Intern Extraordinaire
Melody 'Efficiency' Achi - Super dooper Showroom Assistant

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