Thursday, 10 May 2012

RWB & Jenny Kee: "kindred spirits"

Can you imagine a more exciting creative marriage than Romance Was Born's Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales teaming up with fashion legend Jenny Kee? 

Anna Plunkett, Jenny Kee and Luke Sales

For Jenny's first presentation since 1981, the Romance pair came on board as co-stylists! "We wanted to do something a bit new with Jenny's scarves. We wanted to give the Romance Was Born take on her designs. Jenny loves the way that Anna wears the scarves - that's how it came about," Luke Sales explained.

"We are kindred spirits," Anna added, "We share a certain understanding of creativity and we both have a really natural, organic way of working. Plus we both share a love of colour!"

Anna and Luke had Jenny's designs reproduced on lycra unitards "to contemporise the looks." The unitards formed the foundation for their amazing layered styling.

Favourite looks? "Obviously the waratah," according to Anna, "That design resonates deeply with Jenny and is her totem. Luke and I also loved the pink outfit, with the big Flamingo Park bag, we called her the "pinkie party girl!"

Anna Plunkett adds finishing touches backstage to the Pinkie Party Girl!

We asked Anna for some tips on how to wear Jenny's scarves, "There are heaps of ways! Keep one in your bag because they're great layering pieces. For cold days, or if you're going out at night and you want to add something to your neckline. I love tying them into a turban; it feels glamorous."

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