Thursday, 18 October 2012


Sooo... if you're a big ass Chemical Brothers fan like me, then this will get you pumped and pretty envious... (let's go to London!)

adidas recently held an event, a one off screening/ 3D screening/ thisiswhenallyourchemicalbrothersfantasiescometrue/ if you will... called DONT THINK at a secret location in London. This screening was of the Chemical Brothers live film where the visuals came to LIFE. Visuals, lights and lasers saturated the audience in synch with the film. Moments on the screen transformed from 2D images to reality. From the leading lady to the balloons to the dancing LED dotman, and, THE BEST PART (or scariest part), everyone in the audience was made up as clowns - matching the recurring motif of the film.

Some background on the underground...
adidas Underground is a series of collaborative events held in unique London locations. It's your chance to see some of the world's most exciting art, music, fashion and unique experiences, with stunning visuals, giveaways, free drinks and more surprises.... More info here.


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