Monday, 4 February 2008

Jump up, jump up and get down.

Cheap Monday, the label synonymous with offbeat Swedish style, skin-tight denim, and an audacious approach to price, are bringing 80s funky-fresh flavour, and naughty 90s neon back to the block this season.

Cheap Monday challenges with an undeniable edge and frivolous flair that sees winter mainstays reshaped, and adheres to their legacy of affordable, on-trend, off-kilter designs.

Their ubiquitous denim line that revolutionised the denim market with decent, well-fitting, cheap jeans has evolved and extrapolated since its origins; with a huge range of styles in an array of washes, the range now comprises of well over 40 combinations!

Their adventurous and always fresh fashion range, priced to match, ups its game this season too, with an individual, cheeky collection, bursting with attitude.

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