Tuesday, 12 May 2009

P.A.M's Super Sunnies

Cult Melbourne label P.A.M aka Perks And Mini, have dropped a capsule of limited edition collaborations in store now.

The much-loved P.A.M interpretation of fashion offers a foray into their own warped creative universe with 3 new collaborations: -

P.A.M x Super (Retrosuperfuture) Sunglasses (as pictured above), P.A.M Tees with artwork by Bea Nettles and Barry McGee (certified organic cotton) and a 'must have' P.A.M Cycling Cap with artwork by Barry McGee.

The super limited edition batches drop into stores worldwide from May/June at Colette (Paris), Slam Jam (Italy), Someday (Melbourne), Outpost (Brisbane), Highs and Lows (Perth), Haven (Canada), Dragon (Mexico), Superette (NZ), and selected stores in Japan.

Expect to see pieces alongside P.A.M Winter 2009 men's, women's, shoes and accessories; P.A.M embrace the spirit of modern and ancient history with 'Magic Messages', a collection of high-impact, high-visibility pieces live and direct from another planet!

About the artists -

Bea Nettles:
A sampling of the first known complete photographic Tarot deck created with multiple negatives in 1970 decades before Photoshop. Internationally exhibited photographer and book-artist Bea Nettles (beanettles.com) used herself, her family and friends for models. Her 3 of Swords is the disc icon on Bruce Springsteen's Magic.

Barry McGee:
Ray Fong AKA Robert Pimple AKA Barry McGee is a San Franciscan graffiti artist turned artist turned graffiti artist turned artist. Tramp art, surfing, tagging, bicycles and 'youth gone mad' are combined to give Ray Fong his visual language of anguish, triumph, and fun. Barry has exhibited worldwide at Dietch NYC, Walker Art Centre Minneaopolis, NGV Melbourne and Watari Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. And many alleyways, fire hydrants, phone booths, back doors and bus shelters throughout many cities.



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