Sunday, 27 February 2011

Anja and Animal

Anja an old friend visited from Berlin over the weekend...we see each other every year or so and pick up where we left off. Anja is a Junior Professor of Cultural Studies and is currently researching the concept of 'rhythm' in society; reminded me of Johnny Cash...

We took a walk and found an inspired book 'Animal' by American artist Elliot Ross which is a series of portraits of animals from an isolated and powerful viewpoint. Vastly different from our fun and fashionable 'Painted Paws' post, I loved the sense of calm in these images.

"Anyone who truly wants to escape human solipsism should not seek out empty places. Instead of fleeing to the desert, where they will be thrown back into their own thoughts, they will do better to seek the company of other animals." John Gray, Straw Dogs: thoughts on humans and other animals

- RB

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