Friday, 4 February 2011

Painted Paws

Ever wanted a tiger all  of your own? Or perhaps a panda to cuddle up to?  There's no point in registering your residence as a zoo- just take that pooch of yours down to the parlour for a pamper and a paint job!

Do you find the latest canine craze in China as weird/amazeballs as we do?

But wait- these puppies aren't alone.....
Hellooo kitties!!!

Cute couple?

All we know is we're sorted come Halloween!

Really though-we prefer our pets au natural... Therese Rawsthorne's puppy Scrap....

or Anna Plunkett's lucky pooch Monaro- seen here in a hand-knitted Rabbtoh's sweater by 
Romance Was Born!

1 comment:

Michelle Dylan Huynh said...

ahaha im not sure if im afraid of these animals or amused!