Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Instant Karma for TV

Thursday 1st May 2008, 4pm


TV debuted at RAFW with their Spring Summer 2008-09 collection 'Instant Karma.'

Inspired by the dark and poetic mystery of the Australian landscape, 'Instant Karma' combines elements and ideas that are abstract, complex and refreshingly simple. Exploring the diversity, displacement and the struggle to find equilibrium within the environment. The collection attempts to address the complex relationship between the figure and the landscape.

Produced are pieces that mimic the natural lines and movement of the body while referring to the shapes and textures of the landscape around it. This landscape with its dynamics of line, surface and scale gradually integrate with the garments as the collection unfolds. Combinations of different techniques and fabric textures are used, often in unison to create the terrain set upon a canvas of classic archetypal clothing while 19th century Australian colonial dress inspires the detailing.

TV worked with Melbourne artist Maria Gloria to encorporate hand made 'dream catchers' throughout the collection, also seen back in earrings and neck pieces.

View show online at: http://www.vogue.com.au

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