Tuesday, 27 May 2008


SPOD presents to you, AMINALS! So very good.

What better way to herald the return from a retrospective retirement than with the delivery of 3 sweet tunes unrelated to anything but the relentless & unquestioning platonic love between man and beast.

The product of the desire to release some songs whilst finishing the new album to say hello to friends new and old, without having to worry about what said songs are saying, what they are, where they came from, where SPOD has been and where he’s going.

It exists only to deliver 3 songs on a limited edition vinyl release, being CATS! Which is the celebration of felines via a Moog & Super Nintendo boogie jam, Ladybug which was written & recorded on the fly by SPODs co-founder Peejay straight to 4 track at the inception of the band about the dichotomy of a man ladybug (before a Bugs Life stole that shit) and a cover of the first naughty song SPOD ever heard in the back of a School bus, 2 Live Crews ‘We Want Some Pussy’.

So buy it! And with every 7” you get a docket to download an mp3 or Apple Lossless verision of Aminals! Or if you don’t have a record player, buy one anyway and stop doing it wrong.

Stay tuned for tours as this SPOD is even better live.


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