Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Journey with Romance Was Born...

Wednesday 30th April 2008, 9pm
Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Namaste! …Meaning, “I salute the divine qualities in you”.

Journey with Romance Was Born extreme backpacker style, on a trek of self-discovery to a remote part of the world; in a fictitious land where two borders meet and the mountains kiss the sky…

Witness the beauty of a traditional wedding joining two neighbouring hilltop tribes in their spectacular customary ceremony. Like the balance between yin and yang this union of opposites will restore harmony to the tribes.

So honour the young brides virginity and bless the couple’s marriage with an offering to the gods. Join the tribes as they perform an Ancient ritual - the sacrificial slaying of a goat followed by a three day feast. Let the wedding festival begin!

Romance Was Born create a new symbology for Spring Summer 2008-09 with bold yardage prints featuring the tribal icons of the hilltop tribes. The range is a celebration of ethnic craft fuelled by clashing textures and colours adorned with the ornament of the villagers skill – beading, weaving and plaited fringing feature as intricate handmade detailing throughout. There will be a lick of printed velvet and plenty of beautiful knits and some pom-pom action to boot. Join Romance Was Born as they go beyond borders, break down the Great Wall with universal peace, love and harmony.

View show online at: http://www.vogue.com.au

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