Friday, 20 April 2012

Hair and Makeup at Kate Sylvester SS12/13 Press Showing

Hair and makeup this season for Kate Sylvester was ‘all about creating the Jane Eyre character.’ This meant a tousled, relaxed up-do and a fresh, natural face. Kat and Richard spoke to hair and make up artist Julia Green to learn how you can replicate this look at home.

Start by roughly braiding hair from the side of the head, working in a spiral until you reach the crown of the head. The ultimate aim is a certain ‘deliberate messiness.’ For girls with straight hair, start with a spritz of sea salt spray on dry hair to add texture. Secure the braid with bobby pins, and then use the fingers to pull out fly aways. Dry hair shampoo creates a powdery texture. ‘It wasn’t rubbed in,’ explained Julia, creating an intentionally dusty look. To finish, mist the head with medium-hold hairspray – this holds the style and tones down any excess dry shampoo.

In contrast to the dusty texture of the hair, makeup was dewy and fresh. To recreate this look, start by thoroughly moisturising the face. It is also important to use a good slick of lip balm – ‘the light-coloured lip will show up any dryness,’ Julia warned. Next, use a light sheen foundation and follow with a touch of loose powder.  Sculpt and contour the face by applying a darker lowlight under the cheekbones and add a dusty rose powder to the cheeks.

Julia’s tip for a great neutral lip was to mix a pale pink, satin finish lipstick with a concealer that matches your skin tone and apply with a lipstick brush. Eyes were left deliberately bare. Brows, though, were lightly defined with a brown eye pencil. To finish, add a light champagne eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eyes – ‘this gives the whole look an added glow,’ advised Julia.

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