Monday, 30 April 2012

DAY ONE :: Romance Was Born :: Monday 30th April 9am

Pier 2, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

Romance Was Born and MARVEL presented 'Berserkergang!' their Spring Summer 2012-13 collection in super sonic style this morning to officially open Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2012 with a KAPOW!

Tenaciously opening 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia like the thunderous force of their comic inspirations, Romance Was Born transformed Pier 2 at the Sydney Theatre Company into a super hero playground, complete with a gigantic paper-pop up set straight from the pages of a beloved MARVEL comic book.   Guests Jenny Kee, Miranda Otto, Sophie Lowe and Susie Lau (Style Bubble) were treated to a SLAM! KAPOW! and BOOM! and models were altered into modern day super heroes with sass as their super power.

A band of heroic brothers and sisters, including Doctor Strange - mysterious Master of the Mystic Arts, The Silver Surfer Sky-rider of the Spaceways and wielder of the "Power Cosmic"; The Incredible Hulk the strongest hero there is; and Thor – thunder god of another realm, Asgard!  Will our fearless heroes risk engaging in Berserkergang, a state of unbeatable warrior power to defeat the evil supremacy taking over the world?  Can She-Hulk and The Dazzler join the team in time and help save the mutant sisterhood?  Find out in the latest installment of Romance Was Born’s fashion saga - Spring Summer 2012/2013 Berserkergang!

Inspired by the almighty spectral power of colour, Romance Was Born is drawn to the pop appeal of MARVEL Comics and their iconic Super Heroes.  Attracted to the graphic artistry of MARVEL’s creators, in particular the legendary Jack Kirby.  Who’s unique rendering technique dubbed the term “Kirby dots,” which create that cinematic style of motion where his characters appear to leap, fly and battle across the page.  An interest also sparked in the process of CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Key) printing which is used to produce these classic characters from the MARVEL world.  The CMYK printing technique of halftoning and the pattern like dot work of applying colour is responsible for that instantly recognisable comic book style.

"Working with MARVEL has been a dream", says one half of Romance Was Born, Anna Plunkett.  "Having access to such incredible graphic archives has been so exciting.  The MARVEL group has been really supportive in helping us reach our creative vision. It's been a terrific process seeing the collection come to life, and a real privilege to work with such an incredible respected and creative company!"

“Marvel is a brand steeped in tradition but is constantly innovating. The continued popularity, heritage and inspiration Marvel represents all over the world is a testament to the appeal of the brand to artists, creators, collaborators and fashion designers such as Romance Was Born. The collaboration is original, truly one-of-a-kind and speaks to the enduring appeal of the characters and stories of Marvel—with a dash of drama and high fashion allowing us to speak to fans of fashion and art in a unique way,”  said Simon Philips, President, Marvel Entertainment International.

Colour has the power to transform. The colour of a Super Hero’s costume is connected to their identity it also imbrues the Super Heroes with their very moral fibre and life’s blood. The Hulk, for example, was originally rendered in shades of grey in his earliest issues; it was only after the addition of his iconic green hue that his true, irrepressible and incredible character burst forth! Berserkergang the collection follows this colourful progression beginning like the Hulk in simple tones of black and white.  Then unleashing the full force of the colossal CMYK spectrum in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black, filtering through to green, purple and red.  The collection finishes with a Kapow, in the shimmering magnificence of gold.  Romance Was Born reference Kirby and half toning with prints covered in graphic motifs - bold zigzags, dots and op art like shading that bend reality like MARVEL’s Silver Surfer bends dimensions.  When applied by Romance Was Born to the body in a series of armour like panels these prints frame and perfect the form, making you feel sleeker, stronger and more super!

Show Credits:

Show Producer - Rachel Tuffery @ Pronto Productions

Creative Director - Mark Vassallo

Stylist - Caterina Scardino @ Company 1

Music Director - Jonny Seymour

Make Up - Natasha Severino @ Comany 1 for MAC

Hair - Alan White @ The Names Agency for GHD

Jewellery and Bags - Bulgari

Shoes - Siren Shoes

Undergarments - Yummie

Nails by Nail Rock for asos

Paper Engineering - Benja Harney

Graphics - Mikey Inglis and Radge

Collection Text - Tess Hewitt

PR & Sponsorship - Little Hero

Supported by sponsors: MARVEL, BVLGARI, ghd, M.A.C, Woolmark, asos, Nail Rock, Siren, yummie, Vittoria Coffee, Santa Vittoria Acqua Minerale, K.W Doggett Fine Paper and Anything Themeing.

Bulgari notes -
Bulgari Serpenti shoulder bag in emerald calf leather. Snake head closure in light gold and enamel finish with malachite eyes
Bulgari High Jewellery Collection Necklace in White Gold with Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds (13.37cts), six round brilliant cut diamonds (4.55cts) and pave diamonds (13.47cts). One of a kind piece with over 30 carats of diamonds.

All photography by Lucas Dawson -

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