Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Flannel: A few questions with Kristy Lawrence, post show

We asked Flannel's Kristy Lawrence a few pressing questions after the show ...

Question 1: What story is this collection telling

I think it’s about the free-spirited woman that starts feeling good about herself, she’s got comfort. It really came from the early 80s when women started to feel empowered, I suppose.

Question 2: Was there a particular piece that you most connected with or found most challenging to execute?

My favourite piece was the bias-cut dress with the ties on the side, it’s just a very cleverly cut garment. So simple, with few stitch lines, but it’s my favourite. Gorgeous!

Question 3: In the mad lead-up to today’s show, who or what have been your daily heroes to help get you through?

I had the most amazing team, an amazing stylist, an amazing producer, and Rae at Little Hero, too. My family, really!


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