Thursday, 6 May 2010

Romance Was Born: A few questions after the show with Anna

After the show, we caught up with Romance Was Born's Anna Plunkett to ask the questions that COUNT (especially by halves).

Question 1: What story is the collection telling?

It’s the story of dinosaurs getting transported through a crystal portal to the Renaissance to savage the upper class and free the lower class … and eat them.

Question 2: How did this story translate into the show?

The building and the set had a Renaissance kind of feel for us, for Australia, and the jungle is meant to be like Jurassic Park … we were inspired by the movie and the soundtrack.

Question 3: Was there a particular piece in the collection that you most connected with, or found most challenging to execute?

I really love the first outfit, the mask was the first Pandora mask that we did. I love the volcano, the crystal girl, and the bride. I really like the shoulder ride.

Question 4: In the mad lead-up to tonight’s show, who or what have been your daily heroes to help get you through?

Nella and all our workies … and my boyfriend. Just so many people to mention.


x Samone and Jaye

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