Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Stolen Girlfriends Club: stealing 4 quick questions, pre show

We spoke to Stolen Girlfriends Club's Luke, Dan, and Marc before the show ...

Question 1: What story is this collection telling?

Marc: It is telling a little bit about the surf tribes that live on the beach after an apocalypse. So post-apocalyptic surf athleticism is the term.

Dan: With an ‘a’.

Luke: Just to bring it down a notch, it’s called “Life’s A Beach: Watch Out For Crabs”.

Marc: No STD references, whatsoever. Never had any STDS, eh?

Dan: Touch wood.

Marc: There’s no wood in this place.

Question 2: How did this inspire the show?

Luke: In so many ways.

Marc: It’s kind of our heritage, it’s where we come from and the first time we’ve referenced it in five years.

Dan: All of us are surfers – that’s our heritage – but we’ve kind of steered away from it a little bit, and rebelled and gone a bit more fashion. People used to poke sticks at these guys [points to the others] wearing trenchcoats on the beach in the sand dunes. Now it’s come to fruition or full circle, even, where we celebrate our surfing roots. More so, it’s the culture behind the surfing as opposed to the surfing itself.

Luke: There’s some diversity through everything in the show from the collection to the [mist wall] projection and effects we’ve used.

Marc: In terms of the girls’ collection, we’ve got two gangs. We’ve got this gang of girls, they’re a little bit street tough and the shit that they wear is a little bit more body con. We’ve got snakeskin – or crocodile, really – printed on denim panelling … a lot of attitude. And then we’ve got this other side which is more feminine and floaty. We’ve got this tribal print that we’ve brought in. We’ve never ever played with print, this is the first time so our fingers are crossed. We’re nervous.

Dan: We usually just do black and white.

Question 3: Was there a particular piece that you most connected with or found most difficult or challenging to execute?

Marc: The bat-cape dress. It’s this bone-coloured dress that keeps getting stained, no matter what … it has added to the character of the garment. It is a beautiful dress with a silk-georgette cape, and just looks gorgeous.

Question 4: In the lead-up to tonight’s show, who or what have been your daily heroes to get you through?

Luke: Little Hero has been our big hero.

Dan: For sure … and Alias Creative.

Marc: Ali Newling and Natalie Jane Miller. Those guys are amazing, we want to ship them over to New Zealand! The professionalism is astounding.

Luke: Did I say Vitamin Water, before?

Marc: Also the level of models has been really great over here. Yeah, it’s all been great.

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