Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Therese Rawsthorne: A few questions after the show

We stopped Therese Rawsthorne after the show, and asked her a few questions about the collection and how she chose to bring it to us...

Question 1: What story is your collection telling?

I was inspired by a road trip I did last year in the desert in America. I really wanted to create a sense of vastness with incredible spots of beauty. When you're driving through the desert it's really desolate and open, and then you come across these beautiful plants that are often so quirky and unusual.

Question 2: How did this inspire today's show?

It was reflected in this space we showed in. Obviously there is no desert in Sydney, so we needed to find somewhere that would give that sense of space and openness. Because this building is so old, rustic and industrial, it gave that feeling of emptiness that I really wanted to capture. The embellishment of the colours in the collection were the idea of those beautiful odd-spots of beauty in that desert space.

Question 3: Was there a particular piece in the collection that you most connected with or found most challenging to execute?

The jacket with the tulle overlays was quite tricky, it was the first time we've done something like that. Yes, it was tricky!

Question 4: In the mad lead-up to today's show, who or what have been your daily heroes to help get you through?

I guess definitely Rae, Tanya and Dane at Little Hero, my God, those people work hard. My little bunch of interns are quite incredible, they were there at 3 o'clock this morning, I can't believe they are so dedicated and into it!

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